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Connectivity Evaluation
Select Business Systems of Bakersfield will configure your new copier / printer / scanner / fax with the network information provided below as applicable to your configuration.

Select Business Systems of Bakersfield will install or assist your IT support personnel in the installation of print drivers, fax drivers, scanning software and other software provided with the purchase of your equipment on up to four individual computers, but not to exceed four hours.

(Installation beyond four computers can be requested and will be billed at the current hourly rate).

Connectivity support is limited to the installation and configuration of software provided with the Digital MFP. Connectivity support does not extend to the installation, configuration and troubleshooting of software such as Operating Systems, applications and graphics programs, print spoolers, personal firewall and anti-virus software or hardware such as routers, switches, hubs and premis wiring.

Any issues related to items such as Operating System corruption, virus removal or hardware failures (not related to the Digital MFP itself) should be refered to your regular IT support personnel.

Should your regular IT support personnel have any questions about how your Digital MFP connects to your network or interacts with your software applications, we are always available to work with them to answer questions and create working solutions.**

**On Site connectivity support after the initial installation is not included in the standard service agreement for your digital MFP

The Following information will be used specifically for the purpose of assisting in the configuration and integration of your new digital MFP into your network environment and will not be shared with anyone else for any other purpose.
Connectivity Evaluation
*First Name
*Last Name
*Zip code
*Email Address
Network Administration Information
*Network Administrator
*Net Admin On Site?
*Net Admin Phone
*Net Admin Email
Current Network Environment
Printer Languages in use?
OS's you print from?
Current Network Protocols in use?
Current Print Server OS?
*Is PostScript Required for any applications?
*Is there a live network connection available and near the MFP?
*Is there an appropriate electrical outlet in place for the MFP?
Preferred Connection to our MFP?
MFP Configuration Information
Available IP Address for the MFP
Subnet Mask
Gateway Address
Primary DNS Server
Secondary DNS Server
Email Server
Name or Address
Preferred Scanning Method
Dedicated Fax Number (if applicable)
format: (559) 123-4567
Is a live phone jack available for the fax option?
*Required Field
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